Louis Firetail (Sioux, Crow Creek), wearing tribal clothing, in American history class, Hampton Institute, Hampton, Virginia.  Library of Congress

African American school children posed with their teacher outside a school, possibly in South Carolina.  Library of Congress

Game of Craps. Cincinnati, Ohio. Aug., 1908. Location: Cincinnati, Ohio.  Library of Congress

Organization of Educational Historians

The Organization of Educational Historians (OEH) is an academic society of scholars from throughout the nation who produce research on educational history. OEH, formerly known as the Midwest History of Education Society, meets each fall for its annual conference, which is typically held in Chicago. We present papers, discuss recent changes in scholarship on educational history, consider ways to promote the teaching of educational history at our universities, and otherwise make plans for the future of OEH.

2016 Annual Conference: September 30-October 1‚Äč

North Park University
3225 W. Foster Avenue 

Chicago, Illinois